Merve Tekin

Merve Tekin is an award-winning director. She has directed many reality shows, commercials, documentaries, game shows, TV series, and short films. Since 2013, she made a life in Los Angeles creating videos.

Her production company, 7Hills Productions, helps businesses across California for their videography needs.

Working with Merve was amazing. She knew exactly what I wanted and delivered it amazingly. She was super friendly and a true professional. Merve is the only videographer i’ll be needing from now on.


“Merve is simply incredible. You are doing yourself a disservice by not booking her. She’s fantastic!”


Merve was such a pleasure to work with. Her talents exceed the expectations of anyone requesting a professional writer/videographer. Her creativity is out of this world, and requires zero direction. She will blow your mind with her expertise and creative thinking. I will definitely continue requesting her for all our video needs!


Merve has been absolutely incredible to work with. Not only was she on time, professional, kind, and gracious during our entire actual filming process, she has done nothing short of incredible editing for our promo video. We are super picky, and were concerned about looking good on camera, but Merve knew exactly the lighting to use with us, and was super receptive to all of our requests. The video is amazing and we will absolutely be working with her for all of our videos moving forward. Totally exceeded all of my expectations.


Merve is a true pro!! She has a great eye for shots, and is very good at asking questions to make sure you accurately get what you have in your head into a high quality video! We hired her for end to end video production and couldn’t be happier. Lovely to work with and highly recommend!


We worked with Merve on number of our projects, testimonies, event videos, commercials .Our products came to life in a way that I never imagined possible! Best of all, the investment really paid off. Many of my clients told me how much they enjoyed the video. Thanks again for superior work done with incredible attention to detail. Merve’s team has proven itself to be a group of talented and creative professionals with a wonderful ability to get the job done right and right the first time.


“Merve is the director you dream of as she knows what story she is telling, and demands with a nourishing touch at getting that story told, all the while trusting the actor for giving his or her input as well.   


“Merve puts so much passion behind her work.  She’s very intuitive in finding and creating compelling stories to tell.  She is a good listener and embraces the collaborative spirit with her team while always having a strong vision for her projects.  She is also kind, compassionate and really funny!  Under any amount of stress, she is always able to keep her cool sense of humor.  


She will blow your mind with the quality, creativity and her unique storytelling talent that she adds to your projects! All my videos are done my this amazing women, check them out: www.theshinyone.com


“Her innate artistic sense as well as her initiatives proved us on many occasions that she had all the talent and rigor necessary to lead important projects.